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Rudaali Dual Audio In Hindi 720p Movie

Rudaali dual audio in hindi 720p movie

Rudaali is a 1993 Hindi drama film directed by Kalpana Lajmi, written by Lajmi and Gulzar and based on a short story by Mahasweta Devi. The film stars Dimple Kapadia as Shanichari, a woman who becomes a professional mourner in a village in Rajasthan. The film also features Raakhee, Raj Babbar, and Amjad Khan in supporting roles. The film won three National Film Awards and was nominated for three Filmfare Awards. It was also India's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 66th Academy Awards.

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The film is set in a small village in Rajasthan, where the zamindar (landlord) Ramavtar Singh is dying and wishes to have a rudaali (female weeper) to mourn him after his death. He calls for Bhikni, a famous rudaali, who stays with Shanichari, a widow who lives in the village. Shanichari has faced many hardships in her life, but has never shed a tear. She tells Bhikni her life story, which is revealed in flashbacks. She was born on a Saturday, considered an unlucky day, and was blamed by the villagers for everything bad that happened around her. Her father died when she was young, and her mother ran away with a theatre troupe. She was married off to Ganju, a drunkard, who died of snake bite. Her son Budhua, whom she loved dearly, left her to join a circus. She also had an affair with Lakshman Singh, the son of the zamindar, who encouraged her to break free from social norms. As Shanichari narrates her story, she gradually learns to express her emotions and cry.

The film is available in dual audio format, which means that it can be watched in both Hindi and another language. The film has been dubbed in various languages, such as English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, and Marathi. The film can be watched online on JioCinema, YouTube, or other streaming platforms. The film has a resolution of 720p, which means that it has a high-definition quality with 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels tall. The film has a running time of 115 minutes.

The film is widely regarded as one of the best works of Kalpana Lajmi and Dimple Kapadia. The film explores the themes of gender, class, caste, and tradition in rural India. The film also showcases the rich culture and music of Rajasthan, with songs composed by Bhupen Hazarika. The film received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of the lives of women in a patriarchal society. The film also challenged the stereotypes of mainstream Hindi cinema by featuring strong female characters and unconventional relationships.

Rudaali is a film that deserves to be watched by anyone who appreciates good cinema. It is a film that will make you laugh, cry, and think. It is a film that will touch your heart and soul.




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